at 7+ months

April 17, 2013

“Oh God, I’m so fullllll,” I said to Dean after dinner while rubbing my tummy.

“Yeah, must have been a big dinner huh?” Dean jokingly raised his eyebrows at my tummy.


Wearing a top from PU3, necklace by Gantungย and pants from Zara.

Ok 7+ months now.

To be completely honest, third trimester is quite challenging on my patience. I’m used to having a fast-paced life, moving from one thing to another quickly. I walk slower now, I can’t get up as fast now (I avoid beanbags because I totally sink in there and have to roll over to get up!), and my back hurts like nobody’s business. Doc told me that I will be finding that I need short breaks throughout the day, and I was so cocky going Noooo, I won’t, I’ll be totally fine. I have so much work, Baby D will understand.ย 

Well yesterday I almost slept when someone was talking to me.

Baby D no understand the term working pregnant lady.

ย -____-“

But other than feeling heavier these days, I think I’m having a pretty awesome pregnancy. I am still cheerful and I generally feel pretty good inside (well except that one time when I cried in the middle of the night to pee, and another time I cried when my mom left my house, oh and another time when one person got eliminated from American Idol….ok maybe I am slightly hormonal). But I swear other that that, it’s not such a difficult pregnancy.

Baby kicks a whole lot, and I talk to it more (sometimes scolds it to stop doing kungfu in there). At night when I’m reading in bed, one hand will hold the book and another hand will be rubbing my tummy feeling its punches and kicks. I can definitely feel the bond getting stronger, something I didn’t really feel at the beginning of my pregnancy. Sigh, may Allah swt protect you in there, my love. I just can’t wait to hold my baby, you know? I can’t imagine the feeling…

It must be pretty amazing.

The miracle of life.

But of course, fast forward 2 months from now, I probably won’t be saying that on the hospital bed.