dealing with hate

April 15, 2013



You really think I haven’t seen hundreds of these kinds of comments being thrown at me?

I’ve been blogging for 5 years, please girl, this is nothing…. Let me tell you blogging isn’t for the faint-hearted because exposing your life will invite soooo many haters (but also comes with the lovely like-rs who will motivate you throughout). But can you blame your haters? Of course not! Here you are telling the journey of your life, ups and downs, your achievements, and what… you expect everyone to clap and jump for you? Self-absorbed much?

Human behavior is as it is; envy is one of man’s biggest challenges.

We have envy in all of us, we just have to learn to cleanse our hearts.

Asma’ pointed out Surah Al-Falaq to me. Even the last ayat addresses envy amongst human beings, even Syaitan was kicked out of heaven because of his envy towards Nabi Adam. So what more us… mere human beings with many many flaws!

You do or you don’t do, you’re nice or you’re not nice, you will get people hating you. That’s life. So don’t be immature and think everyone will like you. Try having a business at a young age, try having a supportive loving family, try being happy…. you’ll see dissatisfaction from others around you. Truth is, everyone has struggles, just different kinds (financial struggles, family struggles, religious struggles, emotional struggles, anything!). But there’s no point justifying to people because everything you have is from God.

You’re not happy with someone? Try questioning Allah swt, not blame them for their rezeki. Most of the time, people are not angry at you. People are angry at what you have (or don’t have). So don’t try to be arrogant and justify because you have no clue either! These things are just on loan to you and could be taken away anytime. Only God knows when or how or why.

Just do your best with whatever you’re given, and do it sincerely without bad intentions to others. There’s no time to dwell and cry about petty things because seriously, people have lives to attend to and bigger issues to deal with.

So.. in life, let’s remind ourselves to be good people. Focus on what we have to do and along the way, always forgive people who hurt us, knowingly or unknowingly. We all have to learn to chillllll and not be so angry all the time.