dj toast

April 3, 2013

To all future brides, honestly my advice is to really register for your wedding gifts. When I told my mom about the existence of registries, she was so shocked. Like how can you ask someone to buy you something, you shouldn’t expect anything! I get it. But the reality is that people are going to buy you presents and you are actually doing them a favour by telling them what you want and not wasting their time cracking their heads.

For our wedding, Alhamdulillah we got so many presents! We were so excited ripping off every beautifully wrapped present (seriously wrapping papers are such a waste on me) and going ooh and aaah. But then, we realised we ended up with 2 of the same things and it’s such a shame because the second one is just wasted in the storeroom (I thought of giving those as wedding presents to other people, but I can’t bring myself to give a present as a present, you know what I mean??)

What we didn’t get as a present was a toaster and we survived fine so far.

But I was at Parkson the other day and man… I actually walked back to this toaster after walking away from it.

So say hello to DJ TOAST.

Cos it has “mix” on it, so it reminds me of a club. Hence the DJ. (Whatever makes being in the kitchen fun for me la ok…)

The hardest part was choosing the colour. Orange. No. Fuchsia. No, wait. Maybe orange is nice. In the end, yellow came home with me.

Dean requested toast with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for breakfast the day before. I looked at him, mouth open. I have never eaten smoked salmon and scrambled eggs in my life. I’m a roti canai and nasi lemak kind of girl, ok… smoked salmon’s too posh.

But realizing my role as a wife, I woke up early and went straight to my laptop.

With slight embarrassment, I typed slowly.. How…To…Cook…Scrambled…Eggs.

Ok, guys. I’m sorry but I’m so proud of the results.

Ok so the toast was slightly burnt because I panicked not knowing how to juggle the 3 components of the dish. And my smoked salmon kinda fell into small pieces… but Dean said my scrambled eggs were good!

Whether or not he was lying, I felt on top of the world when he kissed my forehead thank you. Now I’m going to YouTube more stuff!!


Just cos “eggs benedict” sounds quite impressive.