flicking the switches

April 10, 2013

Wearing Antyk Butyk necklace and a peplum top (7 colours to choose from!) from Kiss & Tell, at FV.

It’s been about a month that we’ve been in our new home and I find myself settling in quite well.

I absolutely love this new place and it’s really making Dean and I a lot calmer and happier. It’s quite funny, last time in the previous apartment I didn’t dare enter the 2nd bedroom just in case I see tiny creatures crawling on the floor. And I would kick the door open first and wait for any dead cockroaches to greet me. Mannn.. it was rough! Haha. I will always cherish that place as our first home together as a married couple, but God am I glad to be out of there!

I’m also learning a bit more how to keep a home in check. Not leaving dirty dishes, not leaving a table messy, keeping a systematic cabinet system, keeping windows open for ventilation… Or simple things like putting fresh flowers around the house so your husband comes home to a nice scent (errr but my flowers are dying though.. still trying to learn how to care for plants).  So I feel a bit more of a good wife these days. *curtsies*

Today, Dean and I came home to our apartment quite late; pretty tired but still having lifted spirits for home sweet home. We unlocked the door and I flicked the switches to turn on the lights.

Pitch dark.

Flick, flick, flick.

Still dark.

“Errr… don’t our switches work?”

“I don’t know… did we not pay the bill?”

“I don’t know… don’t we have direct debit?”

“I can’t remember…”


“Alright then….”

And we both just stood there both probably thinking the same thing; how to sleep without aircond?!

I was thinking crappp why don’t we have candles?! But Dean was already walking to the kitchen. Suddenly all the lights went on. He introduced me to this thing called the fuse box. Wowwww… things you learn living on your own.

“Awwww you ma hero…..” I leaned forward to hug him.

“Thanks… You just spat in my face.”

Way to kill a moment.