my saturday

April 1, 2013

Being in this new home, I feel more at peace and just generally happier. No walking creatures with four or fourteen legs, what a wonderful world. I wake up earlier and I even make breakfast for Dean more often now. It’s true that a happy wife is a happy life. Haha.

Last weekend, we had a nice time starting our day early with a hearty breakfast, a swim and even a video workout after! Well, the 2nd half I was just watching the TV, really… Did my best, though.

Showered, picked out my clothes, and got dressed.

Stella’s back and I was supposed to spend time with her. Poor girl had to be involved in one of my meetings instead.

What I wore:

Blouse from se-u-tail (Several colours available, ALL THEIR BLOUSES are RM 49, I HAD to get!!!), bangle and earrings from Matahari and flats from Chanel.ย 

Any guesses on what’s coming up for me? ๐Ÿ˜‰