off you go!

April 16, 2013

My skin is sooo sensitive, I get reddish spots from seafood, too much sweat, too much cold, anything la! I think I get allergies even thinking about seafood. (Ok I exaggerate)

Yes, sensitive skin is a pain in the butt, but I’m born with it so I’ve just gotta work around it.

So trying products, as much fun as it is, I have to make sure only one thing for me; gentle ingredients.

Let me share with you my new make up remover which I think has improved my skin a lot. I wear make-up everyday so it’s really important for me to clean it thoroughly everyday before I sleep (sometimes I’m too tired I do wish we had magic wands to just point to our faces to remove make up).

The Simplysiti make-up remover.

This is my first time using a local brand make-up remover after trying a lot of the more famous brands, so I didn’t really know what to expect. But hey, if the local brands are good, why not try?

And I’m glad I did, because my skin isn’t as red or aggravated as it used to be. It’s halal, gentle, alcohol-free and contain 7 natural plants so it suits sensitive skin like mine. It’s got celery, white cabbage, hyunmi, tomato, pak choy, carrot and broccoli in it. Since I don’t eat vege, at least my face will. Heheeee.

So it comes like this; dual layer. Then you gotta shake it to mix it.

Drop some on cotton pads and voila your make up’s off.

I had to use 2 cotton pads, so it depends on how much make up you wear.

Make up off, cleanser, moisturizer, sleeeeppppp.

Get your Simplysiti make up remover at FashionValet here.

I had my first online purchase of Simplysiti items a few weeks back and I’m loving all the products!