protect your friend

April 16, 2013

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A friend is someone who keeps you entertained when you’re bored. A friend is someone who you pick up when they’re down. A friend is someone you charge when their energy is low.

And for me, a friend is someone who walks with me on my engagement day.

My friend.

My friend and I are so inseparable that even Dean gets annoyed sometimes because she comes to bed with us. Haha.

I’ve gotta say, as loyal as my friend is to me, I haven’t been the best friend to her. I’ve dropped her, I’ve scratched her, I’ve screamed at her. Heck, I’ve even lost her before.

It was a scary day in London when I was in a cab going somewhere. As soon as I arrived at my destination, I hopped off in a rushed manner, paid the cab driver and off it went zooming away. I was meeting a friend so I looked for my phone to call her. Thunder, lightning, storm, tsunami… everything was happening in my head. I had left my phone, my friend, my companion… in the cab that I could no longer trace. I had to call my phone and send death threats to potential thieves. But pheww the cab driver turned out to be an honest man. God bless him.

But anyway, the incident brought us even closer, my friend and I.

Wearing Antyk Butyk necklace and Free Flow top, from FV.

Never leaving you… *hugs tight*

If you love your friend like I do, you have to get this as a present to her.


What it does?

1)   Anti-Phishing Web Protection – so it filters malicious websites.

2)   Phone call & SMS Blocker – see, a friend is also someone who kicks ex-boyfriends and freaky people out of your life…

3)   Lost Notice – in case you lose your phone, a text can be sent to it to have it returned in case someone finds it.

4)   Remote Lock – you can lock your phone from afar to prevent others from accessing your info/data.

5)   Remote Locate – pinpoints where your phone is on the map so you can locate it faster.

6)   Remote Wipe – can wipe out all your data so no one can access it.

7)   (this is the coolest feature) SNEAK PEEK – it can snap a photo of anyone/anything in front of your device and save the images to Norton Anti-Theft website.

How much?

This has got to be the cheapest gift you can buy for your friend. It’s only RM 1/ week or RM 3/month for the subscription. Don’t even have to think!! Just get it for protection.

Who’s eligible?

Maxis users using Android phones.

If you subscribe now, you’ll get 1 MONTH FREE TRIAL. To get the weekly protection, send ON NMS7 to 20088 via sms. To get the monthly protection, send ON NMS30 to 20088 via sms.

Go and protect your friend now.

For more info, visit here.