stroller hunt

April 6, 2013

UPDATE: Thank you, thank you, thank you for the advice and comments! Enjoying getting the insights from mommies.


I plan to bring Baby D around with me most of the times, e.g. to the office, to lunch, to the toilet, to my waxing appointments (clingy mommy alert!). So I would definitely need to invest in a good stroller. A good functional stroller that’s safe and comfortable for the baby, and it also must look stylish for mommy. Say what you want about me, but no mom wants to look like she’s lugging around a bulky shopping cart.

I’ve been researching strollers online for a while now and finally I’ve narrowed it down to these 3.

Well, there was also this gorgeous Fendi one that is secretly still on my list.

But I had to take it off the list after getting a half hour lecture from Dean about practicality, security and common sense. There was more content in his speech but I was just thinking Ok so I think the conclusion is noย and I moved on in my head.

Ok, so our 3 choices now are…..

Stokke Xplory

Bugaboo Bee

iCandy Cherry

I’m going to be completely honest and say the iCandy is only on my list because Victoria Beckham uses it. And Bugaboo is only there because almost every mom I know champions the Bugaboo brand like gold. Peer pressure, you see.

I actually found Stokke Xplory to be pretty cool because it’s the most compact out of the 3 and the height is adjustable so that your baby can even be super close to you while you guys stroll about town. I can spoil Baby D with lots of kisses as we lunch together. And well, it’s the only one that has a cupholder which will be good for bottles (or the occasional ice blended for mommy).

So moms out there who’ve had one of these 3, some help pleaseeeee?

My heart is leaning towards Stokke, but it’d be good to have some experienced input.