talk to me

April 4, 2013

Baby Centre sends newsletters every week to its subscribers and it tells you how many weeks along you are and what it means. Mine told me that my baby can hear now so I should ask my husband to talk to the baby more so he/she can recognise his/her dad’s voice.

Dean, being the joker, obviously loves this and has been cracking jokes non-stop to Baby D. As the mother, I can already feel Baby D going You married this guy, Mommy?

Today’s Daddy & Babby D monologue was about Mommy. What Mommy looks like, how Mommy is like, what Mommy likes, what Mommy doesn’t like.

Here’s an excerpt from their serious “conversation”.

“Ok now her shoes. Mommy hates high heels. Mommy’s favourite shoes brand is Crocs so you’ll know what to get her when you come out. Remember, Crocs ok. C-R-O-C-S. Memorise that.


In the shower, I had to do some damage control by chanting Mommy does not like Crocs, Mommy does not like Crocs.

Outfit details:

Resin necklace from Antyk Butyk (5 colours available), top from Zara and floral pants from Mekar at FV.