the birth of FV KIDS

April 22, 2013

Screenshot on the day of the launch

Biased or not, FV KIDS couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Hehe.

The decision to expand the target market for FV was a natural one because we have a lot of mommy customers. While they shop for themselves, they can shop for their kids too and earn reward points as a family that can be converted to cash value.

I was really nervous leading up to the launch. The womenswear market, I can sort of understand already with 2 years hands-on experience in FV operations. But kids…. man, that’s a whole other market! Those mini fashionistas are cute but they don’t have credit cards, yo! We needed to flirt with the moms. Hehe. We did our research months before we launched and the hard part was to gather good local kidswear designers. Wanting to stay true to supporting local designers like FV WOMEN, I insisted only local and Asian companies doing kidswear which of course made our fashion buyers’ lives quite tough.

And the production team had a headache as well because I want the website to look as neat as possible even with so many different categories, a challenge all multi-brand websites face. The last thing I wanted was for our website to look rojak, so filtering by product, size, colour etc had to be spot on. And I wanted each product’s measurements to be correct to the cm so moms can start measuring their kids. Haha.

To make your browsing simpler, you can filter by gender, by product, by age, by price and by designers.

It wasn’t easy but we did it!! With the help of local media and customers, FV KIDS has been well received. (THANK YOU!!!!) We have about 30 brands now that we’re releasing gradually on the website and we’re still on the lookout for more.

The new arrivals will be weekly and the latest ones were just launched today if you’d like to have a look right here.

I can’t look anymore, because I feel like giving birth already. Too cute, too cute!!!

(FV MATERNITY & NURSING  will be launching in May)