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April 30, 2013

I’m proud to announce that the coveted Jovian by Jovian Mandagie collections will now be on FV exclusively. We all have heard of the JFever, crazy mannnnn, thousands of stylish ladies waiting in the queue for his collections. I guess I can’t blame them. His pieces are exquisite and even I was drooling when the racks rolled into our studio. Like a little girl, I went through each one of his JLuxe and JDemiCouture piece while mentally ordering them online in my head. Hehe.

We are also proud to carry his first ever menswear line JHomme, and Dean has already made an order for all 5 designs! And Dean is quite picky with his clothes, so I guess JHomme won his heart. Gotta say, the material they use for the menswear is ah-ma-zing and only priced from RM 199, who wouldn’t want?!  Was so funny, when the male model was in the FV studio, I had to look down and go “You dah kawin, you dah kawin…” I mean, really… they change shirts in front of everyone without a hint of blushed cheeks!

Well, the day I was waiting for has arrived and the collection is all ready for us to grab.

Things you should know:

1) For the beaded tops, the sleeves are customizable to 3 options; short, 3/4, long

2) Jovian sizing is standard sizing. So if you’re usually a UK 10 (M), you will be a UK 10 (M) for this collection too. 

3) The size chart is in the product page as one of the pictures. Just scroll to the right. 

4) Sizes range from XXS to XXL

5) FV offers free shipping throughout Malaysia for any order amount.

6) FV offers free shipping to Brunei & Singapore for orders above RM 500. 

7) FV accepts online payments (credit cards, Paypal, online bank transfers) and offline payments (direct bank in)

8) New signups on FV gets RM10 into their account so FV virgins, please use this for the JM items!

9) I bought loads already and I bought size S. Because post-pregnancy, I am going to be working those peplum tops again!!! Hoyeahh!!

Ok now these are my unbiased and honest personal favs:

For me…..

For this design, I like both colours… so I’m pretty screwed.

For Dean…..

Ok enough!

If you like any of his pieces, please grab them now seriously.

The closing date to purchase is tomorrow, and then they’re gone forever!

Browse the collection here.