toots turns 26

April 7, 2013

When your best friend turns 26 (in fact, when your best friend turns anything), it’s your job to make something special for her. Last year, Toots and I made cakes for each other’s birthday and afterwards helped cross off cake-making in each others’ potential career list. We’ll just leave cakes to Gateaux la huh?

This year, I booked us a hotel room for us to have a wild party night i.e. dip our feet in the bathtub and order room service.

Asma’ and I picked her up from work and waited patiently ignoring the stares from people on the streets.

Wearing a lace button tunic from Anja.

We had balloons with her FULL NAME on it (in case there her colleagues were passing by…) and to embarrass her, we put 30 on them. When she finally stepped out, we ran to her shouting “HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!”, as loud as we could in case people didn’t get the memo. Her cheeks went super red and she gave us death stares. Mehhh don’t care. The embarrassment didn’t stop there. We also had those luau necklace thingies and a big Mexican hat that we made her wear in public.

The hilarious bit was that when we walked back to the car, random people kept taking pictures of her and pointing. Some tourists even thought she was worthy enough (or funny enough) to take pictures with. I can just imagine them going back home telling their loved ones about Malaysia and showing Toots’ Mexican situation.

Asma’ and I were laughing non-stop.

We got to the hotel and like princesses had our luggage brought up.

“You can put those over there… why, thank you.”

“Close your eyes, we’ve got a surprise!”


Asma’s sejadah cake with kiblat direction some more! Heehee.

Clearly I’m not good with words…

The whole night we did what we do best. Laugh, talk, eat, spa, camwhore. It was so nice to be together and have a fun girls night out (well, in…). Sometimes, with all of us being so busy doing grown up stuff, we need to just put other things on pause mode and just focus on our friendship. What better time than Toots’ birthday!

The next day, Toots went to work as per normal so Asma’ and I carried on partying without her. We had the hat after all.


Happy birthday to my best friend, my inspiration and my baby’s future babysitter. I love you soooo much and wish you nothing but happiness in this life and hereafter. May Allah swt bless you always and forever! Here’s to 16 years and many more to come.