why put limits on yourself

April 11, 2013

Look what I picked up from Positive Emporium in Publika.


So so true and relevant to a lot of us, especially in business or simply chasing our dreams.

I realise a lot of the times we’re too lenient on ourselves and we drown in self-pity. Ohhh no one wants to help me, ohhh I’m too young, ohhh there are too many competitors, ohhhh I’m not good enough, ohhh my friends are not supporting me. If you ever feel like this, slap yourself silly and wake up. With God’s blessing, the world is our oyster.

Sending positive vibes to everyone! Bbbbzzzzzzzz…..

Wearing fuchsia top from Nichii (also comes in black), bracelet set from Cangkuk, and spiked handbag from KLutched, all at FV.