3 bumps

May 5, 2013

I woke up today with 3 bumps around my eye.

Oh crapppp… what seafood did I eat?

Let’s recap… on Friday I had keropok lekor. On Saturday afternoon, I had like 5 dim sum prawns. On Saturday night, I had sarawak laksa which had shrimp paste in it, for sure.

I stared at myself in the mirror. Ugh, fine, you deserve those 3 bumps for all the 3 occasions you were stubborn and had all the things that would aggravate your allergies, I told myself. Guess today will be a detox day to get rid and pee the toxic away.

As usual, me being the manja me with Dean, whined to him about the 3 bumps. He rolled his eyes playfully and asked me which genius told me to eat the seafood.

Someone told me that a husband’s doa is valuable and if made with sincerity, God will grant a husband his good wishes for his family.

“Hurry up and make doa that it will go awayyyyy!” I wailed at him.

Dean looked at me straight in the eye. “Ok I will. Please God, make it go away. He had a straight face but I knew he was being playful and asking God to make me go away.

I burst out laughing so hard. “Not me go away la!! The 3 bumps!!”

Dean laughed too. “Ohhh… Say la! Ok let me try again.” He squeezed his eyes with sheer determination and said, “Please God, make Vivy’s pimples go away.”

“They are not pimples ok!! They are probably allergies.”

“Dear God, please make Vivy’s probably allergies go away.”

“Thank you.” 

And off I went back to my wardrobe to pick out my clothes and get dressed. Went to the mirror, and there they were… the 3 bumps. And I think they got even bigger.

I stormed off to Dean again.

“You weren’t sincere with your doa, were you?”