a new collaboration

May 8, 2013

I’ve never dreamed of becoming a fashion designer and as much as I love nice clothes, I don’t see myself really designing clothes. Simply because I’m not creative in that department and my sketches look like my nephew drew them.

But I was approached by the brand sometime (an affordable bags brand from Malaysia, you can find them on FV here) to do an Inspired by Vivy Yusof bag. The design process took the longest I think simply because I couldn’t decide. Where on earth do you start designing a bag?!! But thank God their design team held my hand the whole way through and together, we launched The Sofina in 7 different colours.

Jacket by Kavi at FV. (Ignore the floating head…)

You have noooo idea how I feel when I see people tagging me on instagram pictures of them wearing The Sofina. And some Sofinas have even landed in China, in UK, in Australia. We have had 3 or 4 restocks so far (final restock was last week and there’ll be no more after this), despite only planning for that one batch. My goshhh, I would never have expected the support. Thank you so much to all of you who own a Sofina.

Imagine also my surprise when a brand (I shall not reveal which one, but it’s sooo unexpected!!) approached me to ask me to design a Vivy Yusof collection for them. My first reaction was to gulp, because man… a whole fashion collection is not funny. It’s not just one design of one bag.. it’s a whole collection that has to have a running theme, and a cohesive set of clothes that people will fall in love with.

Pressure?? What pressure??

But hey, this 8 months pregnant lady is going to take this as a challenge, and is going to come up with an awesomeeee collection for you. My first time ever trying to do a fashion collection.

I reallyyyyyy hope you guys will like it!