baby nursery

May 19, 2013

My blog’s been down for a while and it’s so annoying that I have so much to write but nowhere to write it on. Makes me appreciate Proudduck a lot more!

But it also meant that I had some extra time to channel to something else, so I turned to Baby D and the empty room.

I told myself NO BABY RENOVATIONS until the 9th month so I didn’t bother looking at options.

But well, being a first time mom, the excitement just gets worse and worse as days get nearer to the EDD. So I did some research and found yummy examples of baby nurseries.

Be still, my heart.

So I’ve been looking at Baby D’s room and trying to picture the positions of the furniture, the colour scheme and everything. I’m not very good at these things, so I often bug Dean about it. Is this nice, is that nice etc etc. Sometimes he responds, sometimes he nods and continues typing on his laptop.

When I was envisioning the position of cabinets in the baby room, I called Dean.

“Sayaaangggggg?!! Can you come here for a minute please?”

Dean comes to me. “Yes?”

“Ok, so I want the cabinets to be low and horizontal across the wall on this side. Then we can put things on top of it and we can even sit on it like a bench. Do you think it should be here…” I walk to one side and bend my knees to imply the sitting position, “…or here?” I walk to the other side and bend my knees again to imply another sitting position.

Dean looked at me confused. “Anything you want is fine, baby. You handle this ok?” And he walked away to continue whatever he was doing.


“Ok, I’ll handle the cabinets.” I called out to him. “Oh, I’ll handle the pregnancy too. In fact, I’ll give birth too, don’t you worry sayang!”  

I heard him laugh and go, “Ok, thank you! You’re the best.”