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May 29, 2013

Obviously Raya fever has landed to infect all of us! Hehe.

Today, I’m proud to announce that we are launching renowned designer Melinda Looi’s Raya pre-order collection.

Called “emel”, I especially love this collection because it has a big heart. Proceeds of sales are going to this charity PERNIM, a body that wants to help children who have HIV/AIDS. God bless Melinda Looi’s team la, seriously! Such big hearts.

So while you look nice for Raya, you also know you’ve done something nice to help out someone in need.

Check out the whole collection here.

Sizes range from XS to XL.ย 

Anyway, we want to help spread the love too! So if you buy any Melinda Looi item from FV, everyday one customer will be chosen to have her whole shopping cart refunded back into her account. So even if you buy other items from other brands, you will still get the whole order refunded via store credit, as long as you have a Melinda Looi item in it. So basically your whole order is given for FREE la.

Some of my picks:

Love love love the simplicity of this kurung and the print.

These two no need to say la. Major fashion statement!

This one I thought was really different and bold, and it’s really growing on me!

This one I love the print and the fact that I can wear this as a top with jeans after Raya.

Look at the lace… how can you not loveeee? Plus it’s black so it’s slimming. Need for post-confinement.

Because studs are in and I haven’t seen anything like it! It has Asma’ written all over it.

I ESPECIALLY love this one. So demure, so elegant and it looks expensive like it’s a few thousand bucks.

Ok… so now choose time. While I choose mine, you can choose yours too.

Pre-order closes 31 May so please make your purchase BEFORE THIS FRIDAY!!!!!

Click here.