melinda dress

May 19, 2013

No one can deny the comfort of a good maxi dress, especially in the third trimester. Truth be told, with hot flushes and swollen-ness, a pair of pants is the last thing I would like to put on me. Coming towards to end of my pregnancy, I’m finding it more and more difficult to look stylish. Maybe because nothing goes with double Ds and big watermelon, paired with penguin walk. -___-

So I’ve been going online to see what celebs wear when they’re heavily pregnant. A lot of them wear ponchos with leggings, a lot also wore loose summer dresses, but most of them were seen in maxi dresses. Flowy, airy, easy, hides swollen ankles… I totally get it.

I thought Nicole Richie looked cute in this last one, but denim jacket in Malaysia + hot flushes = a very angry pregnant lady.

For me, I chose this maxi dress from Nana G at FV. Comes in 2 colours (black and brown), it has a little cape thing to hide the top of your arms, and it’s stretchy that even pregnant women can wear. Love it!

When I’m not pregnant, I would probably belt it to show some waist and of course, look for the highest pair of wedges I can find in my closet.

Get this dress here.