my new shampoo

May 9, 2013

Forgive me for this picture but I am frustrated.

I’ve been having urut sessions nearing the delivery (people say it helps birth, I choose to believe it because it just feels so good…) and the last one was a couple of days ago. I don’t know what happened but I ended up with baby oil in my hair while the lady massaged my scalp. And I’ve shampooed my hair almost 10 times already, half the bottle has been used and still my hair is in clumps of grease! Did she pour the baby oil on me when I was high or what?!

I seriously look like I haven’t washed my hair for a month and it’s fine if I’m just at home. But I’m a working girl and I have people to meet! My last resort was to go to the salon today, hoping they could remove the oil but still I’m left looking like this tonight.

So here I am finding myself clicking on that magnifying glass on my screen.

Typing furiously…

“How to remove baby oil from hair.”

To my surprise, a bunch of search results came up. Wow, so many noobs like me.

So yes, baby oil, as innocent and sweet as it sounds sticks like glue to your hair, creates a protective layer and will never leave.

Solutions I found on Google:

1) Apply some baby oil into dry hair and massage it with shampoo.

(Apply more baby oil?!! Think I’m dumb or what?!! *clicks X on the window*)

2) Use baby shampoo to remove baby oil

(Victims: Nephew/niece/whoever’s nearer….)

3) Apply talcum powder onto dry hair.ย 

(Don’t have at home. Too late to go out and buy. Next!)

4) Pour lemon juice onto hair.

(Don’t have lemons either… but I do have lemon scented dishwashing liquid…. hmm….)

I went to the kitchen to grab my “lemon juice”. I stared at it, it stared at me. Should I? Should I not? Do I dare?? Screw it, I’m desperate. So off we went into the shower together.

Guys, I am ashamed to say that for the first time in my life, I poured dishwashing liquid onto my head. The whole time thinking, please don’t eat my hair please don’t eat my hair, please don’t let me get out of this shower bald….


I’m out of the shower now…

Let me tell you that not only do I smell like clean plates, I also have baby oil-free hair!

Hero of the night.