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May 14, 2013

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It’s nice to be a woman in this world.

We’re so special and pampered! We have women-only gyms, we have women-only pools, we have women-only parking spaces. It’s pretty awesome. And then whenever we want to get out of something, we have the excuse of PMS and cramps. Hehe I jokeeeee!

As if we’re not special enough, we also have a special women’s radio station!

I gotta admit, I love listening to “Talk of the Town with Joanne and Xandria”. They have really interesting and relatable topics and because both of them are hilarious, it makes it even more fun. On Thursday mornings, personal life coach Zarina Zainal comes in and shares tips on self-improvement. It’s cool to tune in to the radio, but even cooler to actually be IN the studio when it was happening!!

Don’t jealousssss!

They told us no cameras in the studio.

Sureeee, tell 2 bloggers that.

They also told us not to mess with the buttons and the headsets.

Bahahaaha. Well who asked Xandria to go toilet?

Was such a fun experience just sitting in and listen, and see how things really happen “backstage”. How each talk set was done, how the songs are played, and how passionate these hosts are about their topic and their work. 4 hours of talking!! And they said it really doesn’t feel like 4 hours because time flies so fast when you’re enjoying yourself.

It really does translate because I enjoy listening to Capital FM 88.9 and it’s even more fun now because they’ve come up with a memory game contest called Capital FM Reconnect. (I wouldn’t recommend pregnant women to join a memory game cos we sure lose -____-)

This contest runs from 6th to 24th of May 2013.

Ok lemme tell you how it works:

We download this 40-grid box on Capital FM’s website.

Then, for 3 weeks we listeners have to guess the correct memory combination in order to win.

These boxes aren’t just numbers ok! They represent different amounts of cash and other prizes. Listeners can actually win up to RM 20,000 cash and other prizes like all-paid weekend getaways, a bag from Kayu, spa packages and many more. *cries I want alllll!!*

On every segment (I will let you know which segment), lucky caller through gets to turn over 2 boxes and tries to find a match. If both boxes match, they win the prize!!

Ok.. now that we know how to play, we gotta know when to tune in.

Contest runs 5 times a day.

For this week: (May 13-17):

1)   Twice a day on “Talk of the Town with Joanne &Xandria”

2)   Once a day on “Capital Wave”

3)   Twice a day on “The Jam Break with Debs and Non”

For next week (May 20-24):

1)   Twice a day on “Talk of the Town with Joanne &Xandria”

2)   Twice a day on “The Jam Break with Debs and Non”

3)   Once a day on “Groove Down with Priscilla”

More info, log on to and FB page

And don’t forget to follow them on Twitter @iAMCapitalFM

Hope we can win! Mommy needs some spa treatments fo sho!