shine bright

May 4, 2013

I would say my style is pretty simple and as much as I admire those glamor puss in head-to-toe sequin or fur, I can’t ever see myself owning those pieces. I don’t mind dressing up for fancy events, but for everyday wear, nowadays I literally just live in my leggings and any top that can accommodate my growing belly.

“Come on… you need to glam it up a bit! You’re too boring these days.” a friend pestered me one day.

I was hunting around for slightly dressier clothes in my wardrobe and my god, I just realised half of it was just stretchable jersey tops!! I am so boring. So I browsed FV and finally I found a sequin piece that is glam, but still leaning towards to more subtle side. Hah! Had it all along in my very own warehouse. It wasn’t as glam as wheres-my-tiara situation, but more like umm… wheres-my-limo. Haha. Ok that didn’t make sense.

A sequin short jacket from KITSCHEN (RM 69.90) and a fancy tank top from dressingpaula (RM99.90), both from FV.

Wore this pairing for dinner with Dean recently.

Haha I just love this picture.

Me, more interested in moisturizing my lips and Dean, more interested in moisturizing his eyes.

(Commercial break: Tomorrow’s the last day for Jovian Mandagie’s preorder collection, so don’t say I didn’t remind you! If you haven’t, get your piece here.)