sit here and listen

May 21, 2013

My mom and mil keep reminding me to surround myself with a lot of Quran reading in this third trimester, especially nearing the delivery. And a lot of people ask me to recite/play Surah Maryam a lot as it will help with labour pains and it soothes the baby inside. I read the translation of Surah Maryam and thought hmmm, I wonder why people associate this Surah to labour and pregnancy because it doesn’t really say much on those things. Like I honestly didn’t get it.

So me being curious, I did a bit of research online and learned that there is actually no concrete hadith/proof that this Surah has anything to do with helping labour pains etc. But it does tell a lot of stories of a few different Prophets and their offsprings and the good characteristics they own. Got a lot of insight in this blogpost I stumbled upon. So I hope by me reading the surah, not only will Allah swt love me more and hopefully bring me closer to Him, I also hope Baby D will hear the words and take on those traits to become a good human being.

I have this app called iQuran that is soooo awesome because if I’m not reciting, I can always just play it in the background. A lot of my friends already have it (it’s a popular app), but if you don’t, download it! It’s so useful, got translation and all.

Errr… I just realised the app should really be at the top, before Twitter and Instagram… Hehe.

Anyway, funny story about my pregnancy brain.

I was just sitting alone at home, had some free time and wanted to play the Quran in the background. So I turned on the iQuran and just rested on the couch with my bump and my phone playing the verses out loud.

Then I remembered I hadn’t sorted out my laundry and I should probably go do that before Dean comes home. So in my head, I was thinking.. Ok I’ll just leave my phone here to keep playing the recitations and Baby D can just enjoy listening to it while I go to the laundry room.

So off I went to sort out the whites and colours, while my phone is happily playing verses aloud outside in the living room. Ahhh, I hope Baby D soaks up all the goodness from listening to it, I thought.

A few minutes later, in the laundry room… genius lightbulb moment in my head.

“You idiot, Baby D is in you!!! If you leave the room, Baby leaves the room too!!”

I swear I felt the phone laughing at me when I rushed to retrieve it.