social media overload

May 7, 2013

I’m so confused which social media platform I should use now. I have a blog, I have an instagram, I have a Facebook, and I have a Twitter account. My colleague asked me to start a Keek account and I was like “Because you haven’t had enough of me on the blog, instagram, Facebook, Twitter and office????”

To be completely honest, I’m pretty bored of Facebook and Twitter now. My blog will obviously remain because sometimes I just have to rant or tell my stories that I need more than 300 characters. And Proudduck will forever hold special in my heart. But instagram is so much fun now. Looking at your friends’ photos, posting up your own and seeing how different everyone’s days were.

And let me just say people on instagram are soooo much nicer. They’re responsive and they write nice things. Maybe because no one’s really anonymous on instagram so  no one really dares comment bad things, so instagram becomes a more positive platform for everyone to communicate. The only thing bad about it is that more people are getting vainer with their OOTDs, yours truly is obviously not exempted from this. Haha.

Most of us have all of the above accounts, so it’s really a wonder how we get any work done! Haha.

Now, what is this Keek everyone’s talking about??