the best medicine

May 1, 2013

Work has been non-stop these past few days and I have definitely been pushing myself maybe a bit too hard. For all you guys who think having an online store is easy… fooohhhh have fun!

My poor Baby D has been neglected… but really, I think Baby D understands because it’s as if it’s trying not to hurt my ribs as much. Usually every single mealtime, I will feel nauseous if I don’t eat. But these past few days, I forget to eat because work is piling and at like 4 pm, Baby D starts kicking me softly as if saying “Umm sorry to disturb you Mommy, but I’m starving…” Of course it’s all psychology, but it could be true ok! Feel like crying!! I think 8 months onwards, I’m going to start slowing down on projects and not over-exert myself.

Last night, I woke up in the middle of the night crying because of a leg cramp. I’ve never had that before, it felt like my legs were paralyzed! Dean woke up immediately in panic and started massaging my legs and stretching them like an injured football player. After a few seconds, the cramps went away so it wasn’t so bad.

People are telling me that it’s because I’m too active and I walk too much. But then other people are telling me that in your third trimester, you should walk a lot. Stop confusing pregnant women!! Walk or sit now?! Haha.

Dean is being the best support system ever through all this.

“Do you want a back massage, baby?”

“No, it really doesn’t help.”

“Do you want ice-cream?”

“No, that doesn’t help either.”

“Ok then what helps?”

I actually thought about that for a couple of seconds before replying him with a sigh.

“Complaining.” Sigh… “Complaining helps, baby.”

Dean put his arm around me. “Ok, go on, I’m listening.”


I have the best husband, thank you Allah!!!