towards the end

May 28, 2013

I’m coming to 9 months pregnancy now and it’s getting closer. Dean’s not letting me handle any new projects in the office which SUCKS because I am sooooo bored and I have way too much time to do… well, nothing. All I have left is my special Vivy Yusof collection with a brand to be revealed soon, and the design process is completed so it’s already undergoing production. So besides photoshoots and TVCs, I’m pretty much done with work.

All I do in my free time is surf online baby websites and wanting to go to Mothercare to… well, shop. It’s really not healthy for anyone when I’m out loose in a shop.

I’m feeling pretty anxious to be honest. Nervous, scared, excited. I’m at the point where I really want my baby out and I want to hold it in my arms… But at the same time, I’m like, OMG I’m going to have a child. A living and breathing child!! It’s not like a toy I can put down whenever I’m done with it, or like a handbag that I can store in the closet. It’s a living soul that cries, screams, poops and wants breast milk. And I have to answer to God for whatever happens to it. Gahhhh!!!! I’m not ready for this, but then again, who really is ready for motherhood? Just gotta roll with it!

Physical wise, I’ve gotten pretty huge. Remember the blogpost that I was upset no one knew I was pregnant? Well, eager beaver, they know now. In fact, they think you’re having twins!! My belly is protruding out like Pinocchio’s nose and I look so disproportionate that Dean sometimes just rubs my belly and the only word he can mouth out is wow. I sent a picture of my belly to my London girls and I’m pretty sure I’ve scared them off marriage and motherhood. “Gross, that is NOT normal, Beek!!”Β and “Ok, am breaking up with my boyfriend,” they write back. Those are your London aunts, Baby D.

Comfort wise, there is none. I’m pretty much uncomfortable 24-7. If it’s not heartburn, it’s the tightness feeling. If it’s not the tightness feeling, it’s hot flushes. If it’s not hot flushes, it’s the fatigue. If it’s none of the above, it is definitely back pain. Ah, back pain… my biggest challenge this pregnancy. (But I still hug my heels and talk to them everyday… I’m sick.)Β I can’t really sleep anymore without tossing and turning, and when I wake up, my back feels like it’s about to break.

Dean and I went to a baby store and to rest, I sat down on this one chair. I had no idea that chair was for sale, I thought it was one of those nice understanding shops that provide resting places. As soon as I sat down, I just let out a big nice Aaaahhh…. It felt soooo good and I later learned that it was a nursing chair that rocked. Less than 1 minute, a salesman with a “vulnerable pregnant lady” radar came to me, “It’s for sale, Ma’am. We have this in grey and beige.”

You little…

“I’ll take it.”

Three words that will turn Dean’s head around so fast it hurts.

Dean looked at me.

“No no, you don’t understand. Come sit, baby, come sit…” and I dragged him to the chair.

He was silent for a few seconds and said, “Ahhhhhh… Ok, let’s take this baby home.”


So we did the necessary and told the salesman we need it delivered.

“No problem, Ma’am. Let us check our delivery schedule. The earliest we can deliver is in 2 days time.”

“No no.. I need this chair now.”

“But ma’am, it’s 9 pm…”

“Please, sir. You don’t understand. I can’t sleep. I need to sleep. I really miss sleep. Please, sir, deliver it tonight.”

So at 11 pm….

And at 11.01 pm….

God bless you, BebeHaus. Really.