whatsapping baby D

May 12, 2013

Oh God I had the weirdest dream.

I was in the labour room, 16 cm dilated (!!!!!!) and still the baby didn’t want to come out.

The doctor was frustrated, Dean was playing Candy Crush and the nurses were just talking to each other.

Doctor looked at me, “So what do you want to do? C-section?”

I looked at Doctor and said, “Just give me 2 more minutes. I’ll whatsapp.”

So I took out my phone and whatsapped Baby D.

Honey, what’s wrong?

Nothing. 🙁 

Are you hungry?

Yes, I want kacang. 🙁

So I ate a peanut and then I woke up from my dream.

What…the….heavens…. I whatsapped my baby, guys!!!

How cool would it be if our babies in our tummies had phones so we could communicate all the time. Haha.

I told Dean about this dream only to receive a laugh and a “Maybe Baby really does want peanuts… or Mommy’s just gone psychooo….”

Now should I go buy kacang or what??