baby cot

June 3, 2013

One thing about me is that I don’t pick up phone calls from numbers I don’t know. Not because of anything, I just really don’t need to hear about any promotions or sign up for some special credit card. I always think if it’s urgent, I will always send a text/whatsapp so people would do the same too. But one day, I received a phone call from an unfamiliar number and I don’t know why but my heart just told me to pick it up.

So I did. “Hello?” I asked. Please don’t be someone trying to sell me a gym membership…. I whispered from my heart.

“Hello, ma’am. I’m calling from xxx. Your baby cot has arrived.”

Five words that made me jump for joy!

Your. Baby. Cot. Has. Arrived.

I’ve been waiting weeks for this cute little thing.

So Dean and I went to the baby store shortly after and we were settling the delivery times.

“Ok, ma’am. The earliest we can deliver is Wednesday.”

Wednesday! Hahahaha. No.

I gave him an uh-uh-no-way look, did my hustling and look what arrived that very night.

I may be small, but I swear some things you just automatically inherit from your mother. For me, it’s my mama’s hustling powers.

*blows nails*

Anyway, I almost peed in excitement when I saw them setting up the cot and changing table. I just couldn’t believe it. In a few more weeks, my precious one will be lying down in that cot. Insyaallah! Hope everything will go smoothly.