baby d is a….

June 5, 2013

…. BOY.

I didn’t want to announce the sex of the baby in case there are changes and that “thing” was a finger or something. Haha. But at our last scan, it could not have been any more obvious. Baby D’s legs were just wide open without any shame at all flashing his thing… as if trying to tell me YOU CAN FORGET THAT PINK BOW YOU WERE LOOKING AT.

Bye bye pretty dresses and gorgeous floral prints (it’s really cruel that they make peplum tops for little girls… to-pengsan-for).

Now I have to dress him in things like…. these.

Superman & Spiderman costumes, RM 32, from Babygomore at FV.

Ok… now I gotta brush up on my superheroes readings… There’s Batman, Ironman… what other Man?