bagging it

June 7, 2013

Call me an eager beaver, but I’m already thinking about packing my hospital bag. Might as well have it ready, instead of fumbling for things on my out to the hospital while Dean finds a mop for my broken water bag puddle on the floor.

So I’ve done my research by going on all these different pregnancy website and I’m compiling the checklist of what to bring. Btw, hilarious debate with Dean on what constitutes “necessary”. Will share my final checklist in a bit.

But for now, even the bag is important. My big handbag is a must of course, but these are for the extras just in case.

Browsed through FV‘s bag category and my choices are these:

Batik print NyaiΒ reversible bags (5 colours available)

KLutched overnight bag.

If I get this one, then confirm all my “necessary” items can fit in (read: hair dryer and curling tongs).

Have always been a fan of these alphabet bags from Fevrier Design.

They say you should pack slippers for the hospital because you’ll feel like walking around helps. I shall be optimistic and also bring a pair of heels just in case I magically transform into my old self again. So I’ll need these.

Shoe bags from Gin&Jacqie

Nursing bras and huge comfy undies go hidden in here, in case my FIL has to go through my bag for some emergency reason. Don’t need him to see my torn undies. Hehe.

Undergarment case from Gin&Jacqie

Then, for the smaller stuff that I don’t want to go loose everywhere like breast pads and giant maternity pads, I can get this.

Organiser bags from Gin&Jacqie.

“Why is everything pink?!” Dean asked. “You know we’re having a boy right?”

“Yeah, but his mommy is still a girl.”