it’s a wrap!

June 11, 2013

Today, I’m shooting a TV commercial for my fashion line for Brand X.

We kept pushing the date to accommodate all parties’ schedules and of course the longer we pushed, the nearer it is to my big push! So risky to schedule anything right now with me.

Anyhow, we successfully wrapped up the shoot today with no signs of contractions of water breaking. Phewww!

This was my first TV commercial ever and mannnn I have a newfound respect for models and actresses. Ooofff… for a 30 second shoot, there was soooo much involved in terms of production. And there are like 30 pairs of eyes watching you and you can’t do anything but smile and act confident like it’s your first take (even though it’s your 50th because you suck and you’re so tired haha).

With May, our head designer. <3

I wore a necklace from Kamelia and a vest from Capital T, all FV. 

Can’t wait for the TVC to be out and the collection to be launched!