potato gratin

June 15, 2013

Ok so we might be lame to still celebrate monthlyversaries, but I think it’s nice that once a month we find an excuse to drop everything and celebrate each other. Usually, it’s dinner out to a nice restaurant so Dean asked me today, “What do you feel like eating tonight?”

I don’t know why but I’m craving potato gratins these days. Stella’s mom likes to make it for me and lately with the pregnancy, she has been feeding me those so much! Everytime I get a surprise text from her, my heart flutters. “Darling, I made your favourite dish. Come and pick it up later.” By far, my favourite kind of sms to receive. I’m sure she misses Stell (who’s based in London) but with the daughter treatment I’m getting, I say Stell should just stay in London. Bahaha. God bless Aunty’s kindness, seriously!

“Anywhere that serves potato gratin,” I told Dean.

We bounced a few choices off each other but somehow it was so hard to make a decision! All the places that serve potato gratin are pretty fancy. Since my feet have increased in size, slippers are my only choice of footwear these days and I’m pretty sure we’ll get kicked out.

Lightbulb moment.

“Oh I know! Let’s do something different this month. Let’s stay at home tonight and make our own potato gratin from scratch!”

Dean’s face lit up too.

“That actually sounds fun! Cooking together. Ok, let’s do that. But seriously, what are we going to eat for dinner?”


So. Much. Faith. In. Wife.

Meh… but I see his point. So we had a light casual dinner and went to the grocery store to get ingredients for our celebratory gratin.

If you happened to be at the store tonight, yes… we were the 2 noobs standing and laughing for 10 minutes in front of the potato section because we had no idea which one to get. In the end, we just went with our guts.

Only these were needed!

Dean peeled the potatoes and he was so excited. “I wanna peel them, I wanna peel them!”

Arranged the potato slices into a layer, sprinkled salt, and added the cream and emmental cheese. We repeated the process till we got a few layers.

To top it off, lotssss of cheese. Yummmm!

Covered the baking pan with foil.

Dean looked at me. “So how long?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know. Let’s just keep checking.”

And off we went to the couch, put our feet up and watched The Voice. Neither of us remembered the potato until there was a burning smell. Haha.


We tasted it and looked at each other.

“How come it doesn’t taste like Aunty’s one?” was the message we understood from each other’s faces.

To be honest with you, we used too much cream and definitely bought the wrong potatoes I think. And we forgot black pepper. Good thinking going for dinner first. Haha.

Oh what the heck. You guys weren’t there. The potato was deliciousssss and we’re amazing cooks!

Disclaimer: There were no casualties in the making of this potato gratin. 

Haha just kidding. Dean cut his finger while slicing the potatoes. Had a bit of blood drama there.

Happy 80th month anniversary, baby!