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June 18, 2013

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“When you reach 25, those pounds won’t go off so easily as before.”

 Asma’s sister keeps telling us this horror story and now I’m really feeling it. It’s really scary actually because before this, we could eat anything and it’ll process easily. But it’s as if when the age clock hits 25, your metabolism just goes downhill and we have to work way harder to keep fit.

We all know what that means–> sweat.


I have to be honest and tell you that I’m not a big fan of sports and sweating (umm are you new here?) but I am realizing more and more that it can’t be like that anymore. Unless I want to be a big old blob.

So I need all the motivation I can get.

If you’re just like me, you might find the Rexona Move app pretty awesome. Not only will it make you want to be active, but each sweat you work up will be converted into distance to cover the length of Malaysia.  In the end, the total distance by you and other Malaysians will be turned into a huge donation to help underprivileged children in every state in Malaysia.

Nash and Sazzy show support too!

Go to and get a better understanding of the whole concept.

Click on Get Started and download the app.

I installed it and instantly got the notification on my phone.

Ready to sweat and change lives???

The list of actuivities that you can do to take part in the Rexona Move is endless! Badminton, basketball, cycling, running. etc…. And I’m so happy that they’re non-judgy of sports virgins (See that Shopping option? Hehe…. You don’t have to twist your brains to guess what I chose…)

The timer will start once you start your activity and when you end the timer, your distance will be shown.

It’s not that easy ok!!! You really can’t cheat.

Based on how long you do the activities, the distance will be calculated and this will in the end be added to the total distance of the whole Rexona app. So can you imagine? If all of us keep active and keep the timer on our Rexona app, the whole Malaysia distance can be reached and underprivileged children will benefit!!

So come on! Download the app here and put it to good use.



The whole Malaysia has been covered distance-wise and it’s such good news because Malaysians are supporting and coming together . *tears*

But, there are many more children who need our help. The more we move, the more children we can help.

Let’s do disssss!