scan time

June 4, 2013

Had our scan today.

Was all excited to meet Baby D in 4D.

I’m wearing a jacket with brocade sleeves by INNAI RED <3 FV 

Mehhh. Nothing’s changed. Still looks like Dean. Sigh.

In the lift…..

“This will be our last scan. Then I’m giving birth. You’ll see.” I told Dean confidently.

“Ok.” Dean knew not to argue and just let me be happy and deluded.

In the doctor’s scan room…

“So will I be giving birth soon, Doc?”

“No. From your scan, there are no early signs of labour yet.”

“You lieeeee….”

In the doctor’s office….

“So, any questions you’d like to ask me?” Doc asked.

“Yes, please. What’s induce and how does it work?”

Dean and Doc just laughed. I don’t see what’s funny….