almost 2 weeks old

July 20, 2013

It is now almost 2 weeks since Daniel was born.

The first week both Dean and I were trying to adjust to parenthood, trying to identify his different cries for different needs, trying to accept that we’ll never have a long sleep anymore, trying to take it all in. I have to admit it was (is, sometimes) very overwhelming. I would fall asleep breastfeeding and then panic when I snap back into consciousness in case I squished his nose and he can’t breathe. I would wake up so many times a night to check on him in his cot. I would grumble about how he poops right after we’ve changed his diapers at 3 am.

All these, and also having to worry about not tearing my stitches when I sneeze… it’s a lot to swallow, you know?

But I swear to God… it’s so worth it when I just look and stare at him. When moms tell me this, I kind of want to roll my eyes because it’s so cliche. But I totally get it now. It’s a real thing. This whole Mom melting at baby by just looking at him thing is real! At this point, Daniel can rob a bank and we’ll still be like awwww he robbed a bank, that’s so cute. We’re so weak, we moms. Haha.

The first time Daniel smiled.. omg… I almost teared of joy and I woke Dean up to see “this miracle of life”.

“Look, look, look at him smile at meeeee… Ahhhh, there it is again… Oh my god I cannot take the cuteness…”

Dean also became an excited dad and whipped out the camera.

“I mean, fine.. I know he doesn’t even know he’s smiling at me and it’s just his muscle twitching.. but whatevs, I’ll take whatever I can get now.”