fashion has a new scent

July 19, 2013

Everybody likes nice scent, be it in a flower or in a perfume or just you know, our natural body scent (after we’ve hit the shower hehe). It just says so much about a person when they come in to a room and just give us a whiff of luxurious scent everytime they walk past. Not the super strong lets-take-over-the-room kind of scent, but just a hint of scented aura. The epitome of elegance!

And your scent can be as distinct as your personality. That’s why you spend time choosing your perfume, picking out the perfect one that speaks for you.

Sometimes it’s not just in your perfume, but even your fabric conditioner has got to be looked at! Even the scent of your clothes matter.

When we think of fabric conditioners, we automatically think of those that make our clothes softer. But it’s not just that! You want it to do double work; keeps clothes soft AND leaves a nice scent on them.

I like the Downy Parfum conditioner simply because it does just that; gives my clothes a good scent. It’s different from the rest because it comes with perfume micro capsules that are infused with the finest  scent made by inhouse perfumery. How it’s released is with friction by rubbing it, so the perfume scent is not all released in the washing process.

There’s no point if it’s just you that smells good, your clothes gotta smell good too! Shows that you care and love them… I love you, my clothes. You know you’re doing a good job when you open your wardrobe and nice scent just surrounds it.

Ok so I’m nowhere near becoming a domestic goddess yet, but having these things make me feel like one! Haha. My choice is Downy because of its nice scent. (and maybe also because Lauren Conrad uses it….)

And guess what… they’re coming up with a new product that trust me, will leave everyone smelling like a million bucks.

It’s luxuriously called the Downy Mystique.

I’m lucky to be one of the first in Malaysia to have sampled this scent and I can’t wait to pour it into my washing machine. THIS is the fabric conditioner that understands fashion and clothing as it is their premium range. THIS is the fabric conditioner that you’ll want your clothes to touch. And the sleek black exterior also contributes to that luxe feel. Man, your clothes will love you. With Downy Mystique, it’s not just fabric-care, it’s also fashion-care!

And guess what else…. In collaboration with the product launch, FashionValet and I personally have partnered up with them to come up with a special project…

Yep, that’s right. That’s what I’ve been hinting about for the past few months.

My very own special collection for Downy Parfum in collaboration with their new product.

Fashion has a new scent!

This new Downy Mystique product screams sophistication and has an air of mystique to it, so I chose black and gold as the colour palette. We came up with 14 designs and for this collection, I wanted simplicity but with luxe detailing. I’m so freaking excited you have no idea! I hope you’ll like the collection when it launches along with Downy Parfum’s latest baby.

Some BTS pictures from the past few months working for this Downy Mystique collection:

The most exciting part is that there will be an invite-only fashion show for the press and fashionistas happening soon! I soooo want you to be there to witness the debut of the collection, so Downy and FV have come up with this fun contest.

Just snap a photo of what you think is your glamorous mystique look, or anything of you wearing black and gold and instagram it. Include #downymystique and tag @fashionvaletcom.

Then you are already in the running to win 2 VIP tics to the show this 24th of July, and Downy products worth RM 100.

Check out the other posts so far on instagram!

Hope to see your picture soon.

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY HEHE. Sorry I blogged about it so late.