July 1, 2013

Wearing a maxi dress by CHIYO from FV.

Still pregnant! Haha.

Any day now but I’m not feeling much contraction or pain so I dunno… I give up trying to guess! This baby is all about teaching Mommy some patience. Like a-a-ah…not yet, Mommy….

Anyway, Dean has been enjoying these last days of our pregnancy. He’s going wild with his pregnancy jokes that are funny when you’re pregnant but will get you killed when you’re not. As sweet as a husband he is, he still makes fun of me ALL THE TIME.

1. “Whoaaaa! Come on, suck in your tummy a little….”

2. “Sayang, stop pointing. It’s rude to point,” as he covers my protruding belly button and smiles apologetically to passersby.

3. “So what does this button do?” while pressing my protruding belly button and waits for something to happen.

4. “What did you have for lunch? A baby??,” while clutching his stomach rolling off the couch laughing.

(this joke is repeated for every meal time)

5. When I’m a bit moody, he says “Ok ok I have a feeling you’re pregnant… should we take a pregnancy test?”

6. It takes me a while to get from one end to the other, so after waiting he’ll say “Gee sayang, don’t run or anything…”

7. After seeing me walking around the house with much difficulty, he says “I’ve been thinking right… it’d be nice to have a second baby.”

Memang nak kena, dia ni.