hey, jetsetter!

July 16, 2013

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Few weeks ago, I dipped my feet in a swimming pool and kind of imagined myself being kissed by the beach breeze surrounded by coconut trees and cute guys in hammock.

Then I opened my eyes and reality hit me. Just a pair of screaming niece and nephew and my husband telling them to stop running around the pool. I wasn’t in Bali…. I was babysitting. Sigh.

As someone who loves to travel (and when I’m not in my third trimester pfttt), I am always on the lookout for good deals to help lessen the travel costs. Good airline packages, ways to collect miles… anything!

So if you’re like me, you would be THRILLED to find out that Standard Chartered launched a credit card for travel-lovers; Standard Chartered WorldMiles MasterCard World. (Even prouder to find out Malaysia is the first country to launch it!!)

I went to their launch to find out more.

Wearing E19 long cardigan and Cucito necklace, from FV.

So this is how it works. For every RM 3 locally (or RM 2 internationally) you spend on your everyday things (dining, shopping, grocery, laundry!), you will gain 1 WorldMiles point which can be redeemed for 1 Enrich Mile or KrisFlyer or even 1 AirAsia Big Point. Accumulate these air-miles from 3 leading airlines; MAS, AirAsia & Singapore Airlines.

Earlybird special! New customers will receive, upon card activation, 25,000 AirAsia Big Points which is redeemable round-trip tickets to Hong Kong, Phuket, Bangkok, Bali and many more. You’ll also get exclusive discounts from hotel, car rentals, vacation packages as well as retail and dining.

Don’t pictures like these just piss you off?!!

But we can join them too.

Just use this credit card and enjoy jetsetting around the world with our miles!!