me and my preggings

July 5, 2013

Ready, D?


Ok fine, just asking.

Top from 9months, accessories from Matahari, leggings from Kidzalot Mama, all FV.

Ever wondered how pregnant women can manage to wear leggings? Well, some with smaller bellies can wear the normal leggings and tuck them under the bump till the end.. but most of us will have to resort to maternity leggings. They’re not very sexy on their own, they have a big belly kangaroo-like thingy and goes all the way up to below your chest. But well… no one knows!

Let me bring your attention to these particular leggings. I just learned that they’re called PREGGINGS! Haha too cute. Anyway, I have been looking for maternity leggings and the only ones I got were from H&M. But after a while they kind of hurt because they were getting too tight on the tummy. So I was thrilled to find out that FV was taking in a local brand that sells adjustable preggings. Just look at the button holes, I think they can accommodate even quadruplets! And they’ve got pockets on both sides too. Check them out here.

Anyway, preggings = a must have in maternity fashion.