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July 2, 2013

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I’m wearing a striped maternity dress by 9months and ikat print jacket from Noona, at FV.

Bringing a baby into the world is not a funny thing. There’s so much to think about because obviously, this isn’t a toy or a handbag! This is a real life living being that God granted responsibility to us for.

So I made a list… Diapers, pacifiers, baby food, clothes….. Ok I think I can do this… sounds easy enough.

Then my sister came in with a bunch of documents to sign.

“What’s that?” I ask cheerfully.

“Ohhh Aman and Zara’s insurance plan and all… you’ve done Baby D’s right?”

Hahhh?? Gulps.

So I did more research, and umm apparently there’s more that the baby needs… college funds, insurance plans, medical fund, stem cell banking… gahhh so much!

But the first one I looked at is the stem cell banking since that is taken during the birth so I had to decide fast. My sister did it, my sil did it, a lot of my friends did it, and I keep getting flyers from random people at the hospital about this (they seriously bump-hunt in the hospital you know!).

You know the umbilical cord of a baby and how the dad cuts it as if it’s a shop launch? And then the excited grandmother will clean it and bury it? Well science has discovered that in the cord itself, the blood is RICH in stem cells that if stored can be a cure for a lot of diseases. So if our baby in the future has life-threatening diseases (Nauzubillah!), this blood can help to treat him/her. He doesn’t have to wait for a donor because his stored blood is readily available and it’s a 100% match.

In fact, it also may cure the parents and close family.

So if you can afford it, you should seriously consider doing this as a form of bio-insurance for the whole family. Like preparing for a rainy day.

There are only 3 companies in Malaysia doing cord blood stem cell banking and the one I chose was CellSafe.

CellSafe is undoubtedly a trusted company and they have superior facilities including a back-up location for a secondary storage site. Their staff includes all the good medical technologists, doctors, scientists and they offer the most complete lab medical report in Malaysia compared to the other companies.

How they collect the blood:

 They’re the only company in Malaysia that uses SEPAX technology which is used by leading cord blood banks in the world. It’s a fully automated and closed system, which processes every child’s cord blood individually.

So in the end, I looked at their packages. They’ve got 3 packages; silver, platinum and diamond. So you can choose which suits your budget!

Some of their clients:

Give them a call at 1300-88-2355 or visit them at or their Facebook page for more info.

As for me…. Mommy’s ever ready for this.