start well, stay well

July 10, 2013

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I didn’t really feel maternal until my third trimester, if I can be completely honest with you. And the feeling of bond only started coming when the baby’s kicks and twirls became more obvious. Some friends said that’s normal, especially if you’ve had a miscarriage before and you don’t want to get your hopes up too high in case you get disappointed again.

I ate my vitamins and supplements from the very beginning of course, but if it wasn’t for the doctor’s prescription I really wouldn’t know what to do! And only now, I started realizing the importance of caring for your child even from your womb.

Someone showed me this new website that Nestle launched. Their new campaign “Start Well, Stay Well” is absolutely BRILLIANT. I really recommend ALL FEMALES to really take time to understand because you are responsible for your baby from Day 1. And mind you, Day 1 means Day 1 of pregnancy!

I was obsessed just scrolling and scrolling downwards to find out more and more about what my child needs for his first 1500th day. And mannn…. At the risk of being greedy, our children need A LOT of nutrients and it’s all on US to step up and be in the know.

I was super interested to know about allergy prevention because I’m allergic to almost everything; seafood, extreme cold conditions, extreme hot conditions, dust… So I wanted to know if there’s anything I can do so Baby D doesn’t get these allergies. I want to give him love and toys and nutrients, not my list of allergies. -___-

Did you know that your child’s immune organ begins to develop before he is born?


 Did you also know that a baby delivered naturally could have a lower risk of allergies and infections?  This is because the baby will have direct contact with the mother’s birth canal and receive good bacteria.


I decided to probe more and kept scrolling the website.

Pregnancy! What I needed to know….

I was left with guilt after this section. Immediately abandoned my thought of having instant noodles for lunch.

Gosh if only I took more effort to educate myself from Day 1 of pregnancy.

But seriously, it’s never too late and I suggest you too join the bandwagon to start feeding yourself knowledge about a child’s crucial first 1500 days.

Start well, stay well.

Start by learning here.

FIRST 1500 DAYSTM – It covers the period of pregnancy and lactation, weaning and childhood years beyond 1 year of age.

This is a paid advertorial by Nestle.