July 23, 2013

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It’s so surreal that now I have a son! He’s only a few days old, and like a new notebook, you just want to write on it as neatly as possible and make the pages look perfect and clean. Err not that my son is a notebook, but you get my point. I basically want to start his life as perfect as it can be. And because he’s fully dependent on Dean and I, it’s our responsibility!

I start to think what kind of mother would I be? I think I want to be a pretty cool one. You know, not the type of mothers you’d see scolding a teacher for scolding her son if he did something wrong. I’d probably be the one texting the teacher “If he doesn’t finish his homework, I have this one naked picture of him as a toddler you can show his friends….”

Of course all moms want their children to be Superchild! Maybe even make them wear this to prove the point even more to the public.


But for them to reach their potential and be Super, we’ve got to be Super Parents too and learn about what it takes to get there.

For me, the tool for a Super Child is…. Good immune system.

He can be intelligent or handsome or sporty, but what’s the point of it all if his immune system breaks down all the time?

I learned a lot from the NESTLE Start Well Stay Well microsite (I don’t do very well with scientific facts, so I really really appreciate that the site has all sorts of colours and graphics… well done, NESTLE! )

The FIRST 1500 DAYSTM of a child’s life molds his immune system. This is from the conception and pregnancy ok?

So what fights harmful bacteria is our gut, which is the largest immune organ and houses 80% of all antibody-producing cells.

What’s in our gut?

Good bacteria and bad bacteria… all 100 trillion of them living together in irony in there. There’s supposed to be 85% good bacteria and 15% bad bacteria in our gut, so good still rules don’t worry.

What does the good bacteria do?

Well duh it fights the bad bacteria to make sure it doesn’t rule the gut. By creating an acidic environment so bad bacteria won’t grow and by producing immune cells and antibodies to destroy the bad bacteria. It also stimulates the responses of the immune system.

What is good bacteria?


Do we need daily replenishments of probiotics?

YES OF COURSE. Haven’t you been reading this post? So make sure you include lots of it in your children’s diet. (Probiotics can be found in yogurt, some cereals and some milk powder which have been supplemented with probiotics)

Why am I telling you all this?

Because sharing is caring.

Now go and dig more info from the Start Well Stay Well website so all our children can be healthy and super!

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FIRST 1500 DAYSTM – It covers the period of pregnancy and lactation, weaning and childhood years beyond 1 year of age.

This is a paid advertorial by NESTLE.