July 13, 2013

So umm this pantang business is quite…. interesting, huh?

Hold on, I need my hand to cover my yawn.

Ok I’m back.

So yeah… I’m so used to being active that being confined at home for 44 days is just all new to me and I do admit I’m getting quite restless. My body feels fine but my mom insists that I need to lie down and not walk around the house so much. Don’t even get me started on stairs. We had a huge debate on what stairs do to me. Bad stairs!

My routine everyday is to wake up….


I kid. I don’t sleep. Daniel feeds all the time.

So in the morning with half-opened eyes, I have my breakfast room service-style; sent to my room on a tray. I should really ask my mom to wear a waitress uniform just to make it more entertaining for me. Haha, I’m kidding Mom sorry I’m really bored. Then, my urut and tungku session which is awesomeeeeee like having Hammam in my very own home. Then, lunch. Then, dinner and waiting for Dean to come home so I can have a proper conversation that doesn’t include “Kuchi kuchiiii….” or “CHAK!”

All in all, I’m still adjusting to motherhood and considering I’m not good with children, I think I’m doing ok.

I caught myself staring at Daniel for 2 hours straight, smiling at him and stroking his head…. and then I was like OMG 2 hours just passed just like that…who am I?! My camera which was previously filled with OOTDs, is now filled with hundreds of pictures of Daniel’s head. I’m just so in love with him, it’s unbelievable. I mean, we just met!

I can’t believe I was pregnant just last week. I can’t believe I pushed out a baby 5 days ago! I can’t believe I have a son!! It’s all so surreal and when I look at Daniel I’m just like Thank You Allah swt, Thank You for all the blessings you keep giving us.

To my new life promotion; Mom!