the labour story: induction

July 26, 2013

Ok so a lot of you have requested for the labour story. I didn’t want to blog about it at first because I didn’t want to scare potential pregnant peeps with such gory details, but I thought maybe it’s good for women to know others’ experiences to prepare for their own. I, on the other hand, never wanted to watch any birthing videos or listen to horror birthing stories because I knew it would freak me out. So it’s really up to you whether or not you want to continue reading this post.

Make a decision NOW because it’s about to start.

So, Dean and I have been considering induction since like the 38th week. Simply because I have this phobia of the baby’s condition if it goes for too long, and well… my gynae was going on a trip for a few days so there was a possibility that a substitute doctor would be handling my hoohaa. I wasn’t too keen on that idea. But of course we were torn because sooo many people advised us against induction. Sakit la, not good la, you’ll end up with a c-section, so many things. So I would cry and cry (whilst complaining of 9th month pregnancy pain) to Dean because I wanted to induce so bad but I was getting too confused with everyone’s opinions. So, the best thing, really, is to just discuss it with your doctor and if he gives the green light, you make a decision, tawakal and go for it without consulting the whole village. Truth is, every woman’s labour is different, so there really is no point asking because yours might not be the same.

I could feel Baby D coming closer but there were no signs of labour and my cervix was still closed (in my head, it was always 5 cm dilated). It came to a point when we had to make the final decision because the doctor was leaving the next day. So we decided to trust the doctor’s advice and go for the induction.

Β 12.30 am

Dean and I went to the hospital to get admitted, accompanied by both our moms and my sister.

Β After we settled in the room, the midwife induced me.

(induction = sticking up a pill through my hoohaa all the way up to my cervix. What it does is it forces your cervix to open so you can go into labour. The risk of induction is that your cervix still doesn’t open and if the baby is distressed, you might end up with a c-section.)

I couldn’t walk around the room in case the pill falls or doesn’t work. They told me they’ll come and check my dilation in 5 hours. In the meantime, I should just sleep but of course I couldn’t so I ended up reading the Quran for a bit to calm myself.

3 am

Dad sent me a whatsapp being all emo with old pictures of us and did the whole my daughter’s all grown up speech. I told him to stop it and go away. Then, I teared nostalgically by myself while looking at the pictures he sent me.

5.15 am

Empty bowel time. They basically inject this medicine called Anema (don’t know how you spell it) into your bum bum and this will make you purge in the toilet like crazy. You need this because you don’t want your no. 2 to come out when you push the baby out.

For me, this part kind of hurt because I felt so uncomfortable when they put the syringe inside. And the feeling of going to the toilet came IMMEDIATELY. Like I had to go NOW NOW. The nurse told me to hold it in for 5-10 minutes or for as long as I can so that the medicine can work better.

I said ok.

The moment she left my room, I ran to the toilet.

Nurse is nuts, there is no way anyone can hold it in! I thought.Β That Anema business is some serious stuff! Β 

5.17 am

Ahhhh, felt so good all smiling coming out of the toilet. I’ve never felt so clean and light like that.

5.30 am

The midwife comes in to check if the induction worked or not. If my cervix was still closed, that meant that the induction was not successful and we had to explore other options. So of course, this was a scary moment for me and my heart was pounding.

Please let my cervix be open, please let my cervix be open, I was praying silently.

She checked my dilation and while cringing in discomfort, I was just reciting zikir the whole time.

Please please please, I kept on praying in my heart.

Dean was there holding my hand the whole time.

The midwife finished checking and said, “Your cervix is still closed.”

I wanted to cry right there and then because the induction had failed. At this point I was really scared but I kept looking at the Quran next to me and I kept reminding myself of God and how He won’t put us through something we’re not able to handle. So that helped me stay strong.

“I’ll be right back, ok? I’m going to call your doctor to inform him of this and wait for his instruction on what’s next,” she said before she left.


Ok I didn’t realise this post is going to be quite long and Baby D’s starting to wake up, so I better go. Sorry, sorry! Will continue the story asap.