the labour story: mini contractions

July 27, 2013

Ok Baby D is sleeping peacefully and I’ve got 3 layers of traditional corset (the long tie-kind) wrapped around me so since I can’t move anything but my arms, I shall continue my labour story.

 If you missed the beginning, read the previous post before starting this one.

 6.30 am 

Midwife returned and said, “Ok doctor said we’ll do a second induction.”

So she put on her gloves, shoved another pill up my hoohaa and left the room.

I really felt like a stuffed chicken at that point.

7 am

Contractions started coming.

It was funny because all these while whenever I felt pain, I always thought they were contractions because I was so desperate to go into labour. Well, they sure weren’t. Cos real contractions are %$^#@. Hehe sorry ladies, don’t mean to scare you, but fret not…. we’ve got a friend and her name is epidural.

Within minutes, I was dancing on my bed and giving chairs free lapdances.

I had a comment on instagram asking if I was doing some hypnobirth breathing technique here. Hehe. No, ma’am… here, I was doing the bloody-hell-this-hurts-I-need-my-mommy-God-please-forgive-my-sins technique.

And these were just the mini contractions!

7.30 am

I was feeling a bit down and nervous at the same time, so I whatsapped Asma’ to tell her what happened.

Her reply, “I’m outside in the living room. I’m here if you need me ok.” 

I zoomed outside my room to see her and there she was with her mom, both of them reading the Quran. I was in pain and she hugged me tight. Where are you going to find a friend like this? She didn’t even tell me she was right outside my bedroom, praying for me.

8 am 

My gynae came in and I breathed a sigh of relief. At least I knew if there were any complications, he would be on it. And plus, he has such a kind face and a calm demeanor, I told Dean I’d get pregnant again just so I can hang out with him. Bahaha.

So he checked my dilation and my heart was pounding. Again, I was begging God to let this second induction work. There’s no way they can do a third.

“You are 1 cm dilated now.” 

Alhamdulillah, YES!!!! I was so happy that it worked. Now I just have to pray that I will keep dilating smoothly till the end.

“We’ll bring her to the labour room now,” he told the nurses.


Ok Azan Maghrib now. Gotta accompany Dean break his fast. I swear to God I’m not doing this on purpose!!! It’s just that the story is long!!

Till next time (I’ll finish my labour story in the next post).