the new A star

July 5, 2013

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All the men in my life are into cars. I grew up with my dad who loves all his cars that weekend mornings meant going for speed drives with him. Then I married into a family dominant of boys that family dinners meant having to hear about horsepower and something about 0 to 60.

There’s just no escaping cars in my life.

Not to say that I know a lot about cars… I really really don’t. But I sure have a team of expert advisors ready to answer anything about cars even at 2 am.

Dean asked me recently if I wanted a car of my own. Work is getting busier for him and if in the past we could go to meetings together, we now find ourselves having to delegate projects and take on separate meetings. And now that Baby D is coming, I would like a hot momma car please?

I like sporty cars, but I don’t want a 2-door since it’s just so impractical since the other seat will just be taken up by a car seat.  A sporty 4-door would be nice.

Dean and I went through a few choices and finally when he showed me the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class… I drooled a little.

I mean, obviously Mercedes-Benz is synonymous with class and there’s just something so chic about the almost-a-peace-sign logo. I can imagine myself running my fingers softly through the metal logo sticking out at the front of the car. Who doesn’t want a Mercedes?!!

Sexy huh? Droooollll……

Even though it’s sporty, it also serves practicality because let’s face it… as awesome as someone is in the boardroom, he/she still needs to drop by TMC to face domestic reality and buy groceries at the end of the day. And as a mom, I’d definitely have to fit my baby stroller in there. So I’m loving the huge boot space.

Oh my god….the lush leather interior is just too sexy. Just look at that.

This is the new awaited A-Class that Mercedes-Benz Malaysia just launched so it’s definitely a head-turner for me. Can’t wait to test drive it!

You can check it out here.

Dean was like Oh cool, we can wash our cars together!! (It’s his newfound hobby; washing cars…) Errr yeah…. Not really what I had in mind with this A-Class. But I’ll stand there and cheer you on, for sure! (pregnant and all… haha)

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