100 million goodness

August 26, 2013

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You guys read my previous post about wanting a Super Child right? And how it all depends on whether or not he has a good immune system?

Well then you’d know that the gut is the place where it all happens; good bacteria fights infections caused by bad bacteria. And to recap, good bacteria are probiotics and our children can get those in the food the eat; milk, cereal etc

But is that enough? I mean, just how much milk and cereal can we make our children chow down?

I have a solution!


Nestle is launching their latest product NAN Grow 3 which is a growing up milk powder for children 1 year and above. This product is cleverly added with 100 million Bifidus BL probiotics so you can be sure your child has all the support for strong natural defense.

Remember the gut is the biggest immune organ and is home to 100 trillion bacteria and a lot of good bacteria (probiotics) are needed to fight bad bacteria. A child needs about 10-1000 million probiotics to help maintain a healthy balance in the gut. So the NAN Grow 3 product is an awesome supplement to provide a lot more probiotics!

3 glasses of NAN Grow 3 will give 100 million Bifidus BL probiotics so really, it’s the easiest route to his healthy gut. Hurry and get your NAN Grow 3 so you children can be happy, healthy and Super!

For more info, check out their site here:  https://www.facebook.com/FirstSolidFoods/app_353743508012124

This is a paid advertorial by Nestle.