a challenge to dress

August 29, 2013

I’ve been getting emails and Instagram comments on how I lost my baby bump so fast.

Ho ho ho, they’re all still there girlfriends… I would just take my top off for you guys to see, but might scare off potential moms so I better not. But fret not, trust me when I say even though my tummy is a lot smaller than when we left the hospital, I’m still not happy with the little stubborn pooch that’s still remaining. My friends tell me to relax and it’ll go away in a few months etc etc. But I want it gone like.. yesterday! Typical impatient me.

I guess there’s no shortcut; food and exercise are still key. I’m trying my best for both, so we’ll see how fast I can go back to flat tummy.

For now, dressing for the new body is a new area that I explore everyday.

I see too many moms wearing loose shirts and palazzo pants, and I’m like uh-uh… trust me, you will get too comfortable in those clothes as they are stretchable and you will never be motivated to get back into shape because there is no pressure to. That was how I felt during pantang because those kain batiks were just too forgiving. The pressure starts when I had to wear normal clothes again and they don’t fit!

In my case, I am now really heavy at the top… like we’re talking huge here, guys. So when someone is heavy at the top, I always tell them wear something nipped at the waist to show some curves and break the heavy look. But I can’t even take that advice for myself because my waist is now 3 inches bigger and it’s not the body part I’d like to show at the moment. So it’s pretty tricky. On top of that, I’m breastfeeding so I have to find tops that are easy to pull up or unbutton, so hello shirts and loose tops and bye bye peplums and jumpsuits and maxi dresses.

For now, anyway.

So to compensate the boring loose plain shirt look, I usually accessorize more, wear printed pants or make a bit of effort with my hair. Try to colour coordinate if you can, so you don’t look like a messy vomit of all sorts of colours. I mean really… with a crying baby in one hand wearing colorful dinosaurs as a print, you don’t have to compete with even more colours on you. If all else fails, just wear all black and pretend you’re fierce like Victoria Beckham!

Wearing a cardigan from Capital T and a necklace from LVW

Whatever it is, fellow new moms, we’re in this together! Everything comes with effort and we should not go into self-pity mode and get comfortable. I’m sure that’s not how Miranda Kerr got her body back. We can do it too, Insyaallah!