daniel’s first jab

August 19, 2013

People tell me I should talk to Daniel. Not like a baby, but treat him like a real adult so I’ve been telling him about my day and how I feel. Sometimes I feel he understands and gives me a cute coo (or yawn), but most of the time I feel crazy doing it.

This morning, he had a doctor’s appointment for his vaccination jab.

So since I wanted to be a good mommy, I thought I should give him a heads up of what’s to come.

“So, baby, today we’re going to see the doctor. He might give you a jab… Ok fine, he will be giving you a jab. But I promise you it’s for your own good health and you’ll thank us later. It might hurt and you might cry… but please don’t cry so loud ok. You’ll be fine, you’ll be fine. Be strong ok!”

Daniel seemed unfazed.

“No no, don’t worry ok. The jab is just a second of pain. You’ll barely feel anything! People get jabbed all the time.” 

I gave him a peck on the cheeks to comfort him. He gave me no response whatsoever but I felt like I did my job. I hate needles, but I can’t let him know that can I?!

So off we went to the hospital.

I was all nervous when the doctor prepared the needle. Oh man, my baby is going to cry so loud… how am I going to console him.. please God, please make my baby strong.

The doctor came closer to him.

My heart pounded.

He gave Daniel the needle and jabbed him real quick.

Daniel’s face went funny.

My heart pounded even harder.

Daniel let out a loud what-the-heck-was-that-for?!!!!!! scream.

Daniel went back to sleep.

I was so amazed at his response. The boy just went back to sleep! Hero la this one.

So we thanked his doctor and went to see the gynae for my checkup. Mommy’s turn.

At the gynae’s clinic, “Ok Vivy, we are going to give you two jabs today yeah? One for Hepatitis B and one for Rubella.”

My face went funny.

My heart pounded.

“Nooooooo I dowannnn.. I hate needles… Noooooo, cannottttt…. please not today…” I wailed to the doctor.

Behind me, I heard Dean whisper to Daniel. “Mommy’s such a baby.”