keeping the love

August 26, 2013

Wearing Mizz Demeanor inner top and Kiss & Tell <3 FV heels.

Nowadays it’s admittedly getting more difficult to have alone time with each other. Dean and I are lucky that we also work together, so we can blow kisses or exchange winks from across the office. Even so, we know things will not be the same again with the spontaneous movies and whatcha-doing-let’s-go-out-and-skip-and-hold-hands moments (Dean hates the latter hehe). We’re parents now! It’s poopy change and milk bottle time.

I do have my low moments when I think mannnn… my body has changed, my post baby bump isn’t going away as fast as I’d like, my hair is unkempt, my life has changed and I just want to put on a big T-shirt and sleep. I totally understand why post natal depression happens, especially if you don’t have loved ones being positive around you.

It’s all too easy for a woman to lose herself after birth, what with the hormones, taking care of the baby and having no time to groom herself. But then, I think of Dean and how I’ve always wanted to be beautiful in his eyes. Doesn’t matter what others think of me, but I’d like my husband to love me like how he did the day we got married. Regardless of how many kids we have in the future, I want to take care of my relationship with Dean and forever be in love. I think that should be the way. Don’t ever forget we’re not just parents.. we’re husband and wife too!

So as a start, yesterday we went out just the two of us.

We held hands like teenagers, and laughed about silly things. I wore my flats, let my hair down. He wore his casual loafers and a big smile on his face.

Went to get some Chatime and window-shopped. We also went to a baby store to see what Daniel might like to have.

Then we went to one of our favourite restaurants to get some food.

The waitress came and we ordered our food.

Dean’s phone rang.

It was my mother.

“Balik laaaaaaa…. Daniel is crying and I don’t know what to do!!”

The drinks haven’t even arrived, our seats weren’t even warm yet.


But we laughed it off and counted our blessings that we at least had a good hour of just us. We were missing Daniel anyway.

In the car on the way home, my mom called again and we put her on loud speaker.

“Yes, Mommy?” I asked.

“Kat mana dah ni? Daniel’s crying loudly and I’ve tried everything. He wants his mom!!” my mom was trying her best to put on a fake-calm tone.

Dean and I looked at each other with our sly looks. We were already almost in front of the house, but we decided to have a bit of fun with this.

“Oh Mommy.. our food just came. So we decided to eat first. You have fun with Daniel for a while more k…”

She hung up.