kobis vs panadol

August 15, 2013

I know doctors aren’t always right and sometimes traditional methods work to heal, but really some traditional things sound ridiculous. My late Opah once told me to stop underarm hair from growing, just rub your armpits against your knees everyday. Well, first of all there is no way you can do that without slowly losing respect for yourself in the bathroom, and secondly I also still pay my waxer a lot of money each month. So that knee-rubbing is bull.

So I’m always skeptical when someone tells me to put damp leaves on my skin for better complexion, or worse, put banana skin all over your face to get rid of pimples. Admittedly, I’ve done both. My findings were negative here too.

Sorry, but I like doctors and their prescriptions.

Yesterday, for the first time ever, I had breast engorgement (this happens when you haven’t expressed the milk and it’s just accumulating in you). We’ve been trying to train Daniel to feed through the bottle so it’ll be easier to leave him when I go back to work, so I’ve been directly feeding him less. Because of that, I got the engorgement and worse, I forgot to bring my breast pump. I’m sure most moms will tell you breast engorgements are sooo painful and I was almost in tears. I did so many things; feed Daniel, pump, put hot towel over it (it went cold in like a few seconds -__-) and when a friend told me stroking it with a comb works, I freaking combed my boob.

Nothing worked. I was still in so much pain.

My mom asked her friend who recommended putting kobis (cabbage) on the area.

You should’ve seen my face when my mom told me to go buy a cabbage. Are you kidding me? I was in no mood to joke and walk around wearing a cabbage as a bra.

But I was desperate for any solution to my problem and so, a few minutes later, poor Dean was in a nearby supermarket frantically trying to figure out what kobis was.

And guess who Dean ran into?????

My doctor.

It was such a coincidence and I really felt that God was telling us not to waste vegetables.

So they said hellos and after a while, Dean explained what happened to me and asked my doctor for advice.

“Oh. Just put some lots of warm towels over it. And give her some Panadol,” he said to Dean.

Dean looked at the cabbage that he picked out. “So what do I do with this?”

I’m sure the doctor tried so hard not to laugh.

Always the polite man, he just smiled at Dean and said, “Just make sure Vivy takes the panadol and use warm towels.”

I took the Panadol and the pain went away so fast.

My mom took the cabbage and is using it for dinner.

Everyone’s happy.